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For 20 years, I have studied success and wealth in both business and personal life.  I have come to realize in this time that the most important ingredient for true success and wealth is living and remaining in the state of gratitude.  Grateful living, what is it?  Said simply, grateful living is the choice of seeing what is good about things, people and situations and choosing to see the opportunity in all. Even in the greatest times of challenging pain and sorrow, the ability to remain grateful and trust in God that whatever we are going through will ultimately prove not to be a set-back, but rather a time of set-up for bigger and better things to come.  This perspective allows you to remain at peace and centered in trust as you charge on through life in search of greatest wealth of all – Grateful Wealth.

According to CBS money watch, new research from a team of academics at Northeastern University, Harvard and the University of California at Riverside, says they have found a critical key in increasing financial wealth: being Grateful.

According to the study, grateful investors were willing to wait for rewards. Those who were merely happy or neutral were more likely to live for today, according to the paper. Researchers came to this conclusion by asking 75 individuals to write about a personal experience before being presented with an economic choice. One group wrote about a happy experience; one group wrote about experiences that were emotionally neutral; and the third group wrote about and experience likely to generate emotions of gratitude.

Participants were then presented with 27 economic choices which boiled down to receiving $11 to $80 immediately, or getting a larger amount at some point in the future. Where the happy and neutral individuals favored getting the payment today, the grateful investors were willing to wait longer to get more.  So grateful wealth, is more than just a cool phrase…research is showing both words indeed go together.

Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.
Henry Ward Beecher