Gratitude…The Kernel of Greatness!

Whatever you aspire to in life, gratitude is the kernel of greatness.  Bringing gratitude into focus in your life reveals the hidden secret to unprecedented success.  What seems small and obscure at first, grows larger and larger as your successes and victories bring gratitude into focus.

Being grateful is more than just a foundation for success…it is the “psychological elixir” to gaining virtually unlimited, sustainable and virtuous success.  The kind of success that people will hold up; will want to emulate and will stand the test of time.

We call it Grateful Wealth!

Who Is Grateful Wealth

To live gratefully…no matter what…by seeking first and unconditionally trusting God.
You can not control what happens around you, but you can control what happens through you. To continuously stay grateful by the nature of gratitude itself means you are willing to submit to the trust of higher power freeing you from anxiety of the illusion that you actually are in control. By removing this anxiety of control, you are able to become, do and live the best life possible.
To provide you the tools to challenge yourself to seek more, to trust more to stay grateful…no matter what.

What Grateful Wealth Offers

Gratitude Training 99
Opportunity Workshops 95
Personal Coaching 85
Corporate Consulting 75

Meet Our Team

Jon Bender
Jon BenderFounder
Jon founded Grateful Wealth in 2005 to teach and train people how to achieve more gratitude in life by seeking and trusting God…in both both business and personal life.
Leslie Blackwell
Leslie BlackwellEvents Planning
Leslie is the queen of efficiency and organization. She has worked with Jon for over 15 years in managing seminars around North America.
Sherie Bender
Sherie BenderFinance
Sherie has a strong accounting background and has managed Jon’s financial business operations for more than 20 years.