March 01, 2018

If you are good at procrastinating, there is some great news for you.

Recent studies have shown it is possible to use your habit of procrastinating to stop chronic procrastination once and for all…starting right now.

The first thing to do is realize you procrastinate and you have a habit of it. According to the American Psychology Association in a recent article, nearly 1 in 5 people are chronic procrastinators.

Ironically, the better you are at procrastinating the easier it is to stop procrastinating…using this very simple technique.

The second step is to both intellectually and emotionally accept (Called radical acceptance) that procrastination is not good for you…and is hurting you even now. In fact, it ultimately causes you more work and in some cases may cause you to miss important opportunities that would have been available to you had you acted more quickly and not procrastinated.

This second step allows you to get leverage on yourself by playing out what you could miss out on in life if you don’t change and continue to chronically procrastinate.
Now for the third and final step.

The third step is how to stop procrastinating almost immediately…and in most cases in under 5 minutes.

So the third step is: Using what you do well… procrastinate procrastinating.


Well don’t be.

Simply put, procrastinate your procrastinating. Put off putting things off. It is the equivalent of a psychological “double negative.”

When you put off putting things off, it means you get them done now.

That’s right. Since you know you are so good at putting things off, just say, “Well instead of putting it off until tomorrow, I will put off putting it off and get it done now!”

Using Dr. Stephen Covey’s famous epitaph life strategy (Asking what you would want written on your headstone when you die.) Your new and revised epitaph would read something like this, “Here Lies A Person Who Got It Done Now…By Always Choosing To Put Off Putting Things Off!”

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