January 15, 2018

Let’s face it.

You go to work.  You work. You come home. You are tired, but your brain’s gears are turning…

You are grateful to have your job.  But could having a  job “only” be gambling with your retirement?

Could having a job “only” be making you less secure?

The answer is: Yes!

According to Wells Fargo in their 2014 report the average retirement age family in the USA only has $28,000 in retirement savings.  This is incredibly scary considering this doesn’t even cover 1 year of retirement for most.

You may say, well that’s not me.  We have xxxx in retirement and we have planned really well.  But I want you to consider something.  I have counseled high-figure income earners now for over 20 years and if all you have is a job and that goes away…and it can in a flash, things can unravel very quickly.  You make think you are marketable and highly employable, but with each year that passes this becomes more-and-more in question….truly.  No matter what your experience, no matter what your pedigree, I have seen it over and over and over again.  If you are forced to live on your investments for anytime, burning through up to 10-14K /mo or more quickly erodes all you have worked so hard and so many years to create

Furthermore, having a job “only” can give you an excuse (albeit understandable) not to do anything else.  After all you come home exhausted right??  Who has the energy to do anything more?  Hopefully, you do and getting passionate about doing something beyond having a job to protect your future may be easier than you think.

Three Things To Do Now To Protect Yourself (Or turn things around quickly)

  1. START A BUSINESS – I am not talking about anything big.  Start something small that is built around what you love to do or what you are good at doing.  In fact,  I will be doing a seminar soon to show you how to make a career level income starting a little business centered around whatever you love to do ….from fly-fishing to speed walking.  I will show you how to make more than enough income with what you love.
  2. TAXES – Did you know that most of us work at a our jobs from January to May…just to pay our tax bill?  When you start a business, spend 5 hours a week on it, try to make money and keep some basic records, you can on average cut your current W2 tax bill in half.  Dr. Ron Mueller,Ph.D., America’s number 1 tax educator says that the average family can see between $3,000 to $6,000 in tax savings annually by having a real part-time business.
  3. LEARN MORE – Eric Hoffer the philosopher was quoted as saying, “In the times of greatest change, the learners inherit the earth and learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a wold that no longer exists.”  This is so true.  It is so easy to hide behind our job, seniority and our title and think we are all that, but please take it from me.  We need to grow…now! We need to learn more…now!  After making making millions in personal income and being often called a “guru” in teaching grateful wealth and marketing, I cannot afford to rest on my laurels or press-release…regardless what “they” say.  I need to learn. I need to seek mentoring from those specialist in the areas I seek to grow. I need commit myself to take personal responsibility to keep learning and growing not for just for me, but more importantly for those that I consult with and mentor.

These 3 things can change everything for you. Fast! Not only potentially make and save you more money now, but can protect you from an uncertain future including possible career and/or economic melt-downs.

What if you could live off of the money from your very own business doing what you love most?  What if you could have 100% confidence that you are self-sustaining?  How would that feel?  What if you could show your own adult kids how to do the same thing? Well, in a future webinar, I will spend sometime walking you through 3 little-known principles and my concept called LOUD that can help you do just that…live free…and financially free at that.

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