April 01, 2018

Whether you are running a traditional business, a home business or lead an organization/church, the best leaders know people are like fish.


In fact, not knowing this can cost you significantly in the growth of your customer and/or member base.

People tend to “school together” with similar likes, dislikes and interests. They congregate. (Ever notice members of a church are referred to as a congregation?)

If you have ever been snorkeling or scuba diving, maybe you have noticed how “schools of fish” move and “flow” together almost as if unconsciously as if there is a group intelligence moving them in synchronicity or togetherness.

People are no different.

Most people are social. They love being with other people.

In fact, when you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in a future blog/email, you’ll discover that as far as humans go, the need to “belong” or be part of a “tribe” or to “school together” is only subordinate to the need for eating, drinking and the need to be physically secure…out of harm’s way.

Studies performed by psychologists even back to 1935 show that humans who are asked to give their opinion individually often change it when put in a group to the consensus or group opinion.

What is even more interesting is when you once again separate them and ask them of their individual opinion once again, it is the group opinion that sticks.

This need to “belong” is so great history has seen otherwise good people do appalling things.

From cult members who gave their families poisoned Kool-Aid to neighbors reporting and turning-in dissident neighbors in war-era Nazi Germany, survivors of both groups in post-event interviews claimed the primary motivator was to not be considered as an outsider…a person who didn’t belong.

So how can you, as one of the best leaders in your area, use this phenomena and the desire to “school” to grow your customer base and/or your members/congregation?

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