February 15, 2018

Drop Your Lead Gen CPA By Up To 400% Using This Weird Little Trick...

Digital marketers always seem to have the same question

...where to I get more traffic?

The question that almost always follows is

...how do I get my cost per action (CPA) down?

Although FB advertising in all its variants seems to have much of the glory these days, there's a little-known trick that you can use that literally turns you into a CPA superhero overnight...and drops your or your client's lead gen costs down by up to 400%...seriously!

The really cool part is...it works with virtually any business in any industry even some of the more enigmatic categories. B2B or B2C doesn't matter. Works for both.

If I was speaking from stage right now, I would say, "Okay if I tell you this secret, I'd have to kill you!"

But since we sharing via copy, imagine I just said it which now is your cue to give a polite smile...and now listen (read) attentively. :)

Here's the secret in 11 simple steps-

  1. Think who is my prospect (fish), remember all fish congregate (their URL ponds) and what is my best lure for this fish. (opt-in lead magnet)
  2. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner (previously Keyword Tool)
  3. Seach for prospect /offering related keywords and find highest trafficked keywords.
  4. Enter this highest trafficked keyword into Google Search.
  5. Take down each of the top SEO listed root URLs for every listing on the first two pages.
  6. Note also the root URLS for any advertisers in number 1, 2 or 3 spot.
  7. Repeat process for both Bing and Yahoo.
  8. Now repeat steps 4, 5, 6, 7, but this time ADD the word "blog" behind the keyword
  9. List ALL root URLs found for all 3 engines in both searches and de-dupe the list leaving only unique URLS. (These URLS are where your "fish" are swimming - maybe even schooling.)
  10. Enter these URLS into your favorite cost per visit (CPV) advertising platform other than Google. (I recommend Propel Media, Inc. [formerly Traffic Vance] and Lead Impact)
  11. Bid on these unique URLs typically at $.011 cost per visit (CPV) for domestic traffic and $.0030 cost per visit (CPV) and click to your best opt-in / lead magnet creatives into the water and reel your highly targeted fish in at ridiculously low CPAs.

Now you know....and you're still alive:)


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