Jon Bender's book, In God We Trust is an American classic with a legacy teaching that reveals three laws necessary to achieve true wealth. It is an inspiring, easy to read, heart wrenching story that hits home for any person who desires to be wealthy. Jon walks you through the ails of our society that hold people back from success and at the same time reveals the most powerful cure to overcome these obstacles: trust in God and the virtues that emanate from it. People from all beliefs and from all walks of life can become wealthy from reading this book. Every chapter shares profound wisdom, strategy, insight, and optimism articulated by one most prominent, inspired leaders of our day. This remarkable work uses a unique story-type approach for teaching the most important laws of wealth and how to apply them systematically to both business as well as your personal life. It does so in a progressive blueprint manner that captures the reader's attention and compels them to want to keep reading. This story is fictional yet it has a real life feel that builds confidence in knowing that wealth is within reach of all who persistently seek and understand it. If you have ever wanted to take the mystery out of why some people are so much wealthier than others, take the time to carefully read and study this book. Read it again and again. This book will open up your eyes, give you peripheral vision and allow you to see unlimited opportunities all around you that you never knew existed. You will gain absolute confidence in knowing that wealth is within your reach and how to reach it.

" I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It had me interested from the first page. I absolutely recommend to everyone. You've truly outdone yourself here, Jon!"
- Phillip McCormick

 "I found it easy to read and helpful for all areas of my life. The principles outlined are relevant for anyone, anywhere, seeking to better themselves either in their personal lives, their job, or in business."
- LeAnn Rowse

"Very inspirational and uplifting. I've shared it with several people, including my son. Thank you for the book and all you are doing."
- Dale Purkey