Lean Body Fat Wallet

Imagine making simple lifestyle changes that can help you get leaner, healthier, debt free, and wealthier . . . all at the same time. It may seem too good to be true - but it IS possible! As life experts in two seemingly different fields, Danna Demetre &  Ellie Kay have discovered that the principles and habits that are good for your wallet are equally good for your body.

Most people lead overly busy and stressful lives. We get stuck in bad habits and assume the changes needed are so difficult that we might as well give up before even starting. That misconception keeps many of us stuck. However, when we practice a few simple habits consistently, we can transform our lives in amazing ways. It's essential to take responsibility, stop making excuses, and replace all that negative energy with positive action. The results can be amazing.

In Lean Body, Fat Wallet, you will discover four simple habits that you can practice in the physical and fiscal areas of your life. Once you learn and implement them in one area, you will build a foundation to translate them to the other area as well. Whether you are dealing with the temptation to overeat or overspend or desiring to change your core thoughts about food and money, these strategies can serve you well for life. The habits will eventually become your auto pilot response so that you are no longer relying on self-discipline and willpower alone to reach your health and wealth goals.